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Poodle Personality Traits

While no two poodles are exactly alike, most poodles have similar traits common to the breed.  Here are some of the common personality traits of poodles.

People Friendliness

They can be aloof with strangers but are very attached to their family and trusted friends.  They may take a few minutes or some treats to warm up to a stranger.  They can be wary of children if they are not properly socialized to them, and care should be taken with small children so they are not handled roughly.

Dog Friendliness

Poodles usually like other dogs but can be particular about how another dog greets them and interacts with them.  They have no problem putting another dog in its place if they feel like dog is being inappropriate and if multiple dogs are playing they can sometimes be the "fun police" and will try to stop other dogs from playing too rough or too loudly.  Poodles like to wrestle with other dogs and especially love to chase and be chased.

Prey Drive

Poodles are descended from retrievers and usually do not have a high prey drive, but it is not non-existent.  They usually like to chase prey like birds or rabbits but don't have the drive to kill a small animal or won't become obsessed with chasing or attacking animals or livestock.


Poodles are highly intelligent and it can sometimes get them in trouble when they outsmart their owners!  They are very biddable, eager to learn, and easily trained.


While not yappy, poodles are alert barkers and will let you know when there is somebody walking by or a person comes to your door.  They will quiet down quickly, though, once the perceived "threat" has passed.  Poodles can be quite vocal when playing and will sometimes bark happily when they are very excited.

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