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Poodle Hairstyles

Here are some examples of different poodles styles!

A brown poodle in a continental show clip is standing on a grooming table.

Continental Clip

The continental trim is the traditional cut used for show dogs older than one year.  The front half (called the jacket) is round with a full neck and head done up with bands and hairspray while the back half is shaved with two pompoms over the hips called rosettes.  The legs are shaved except for the bracelets around the ankles.  Tail is a pompom.


Lamb Cut

A popular option for pet poodles, the lamb trim has shaved face, feet, and tail base with legs that are slightly longer than the body.


Vintage Trim

A more simple and stylish version of the continental, the vintage trim has no rosettes, a slightly shorter jacket, and a shaved band around the neck blending into the top knot.


Puppy Clip

Poodles that are growing into a continental trim are shown in conformation in this puppy clip until they are 1 year of age.  The body is shaped to balance and show off structure but the neck and head are left to grow.


Asian Fusion

Asian fusion is the blending of Asian extreme style grooming with American traditional grooming.  The body is very short and the legs are much longer, which allows the dog to wear clothing.  Most Asian fusion styles have a teddy bear head but rather than being round it is very short on the chin and cheeks, with more hair on top of the muzzle and the head.


Miami Trim

The Miami trim has a shaved body with bracelets around the ankles, a pompom tail, and a scissored top knot.  A great option for a low maintenance cut while still keeping the poodle style.


German Trim

The German trim has the same body as the lamb cut (though doesn't necessarily have shaved feet) but the ears and tail are shaved or cut short.


French Moustache

Instead of a shaved face, poodles can have a small moustache at the end of their muzzle which is known as a French moustache.  It can be round or pointed at the bottom.  It also looks great with shaved ears!


Teddy Bear Cut

When the dog is one length all over and doesn't have shaved face or feet but instead a round face and furry feet the same length as the body it is called a teddy bear cut.


Scandinavian Trim

Similar to a continental trim with a full jacket but instead of shaved legs with bracelets the legs are full like the lamb trim.  This is a popular show trim in Europe.

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