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Guardian Home Program

Our Guardian Home program is a great way to jump ahead on the waiting list and get a quality puppy while helping us expand our breeding program without having a lot of dogs in our household.  This allows us to have more options for holding puppies back that are potential breeding quality.  It takes up to two years for a puppy to be old enough to complete all the health testing and be mature enough to breed and since we are a small hobby breeder we don't want to have a lot of dogs in our care.  Being a guardian home is having a special relationship with the breeder and we interview all potential guardian homes to make sure the relationship will be a good fit and be mutually beneficial to both parties.

New!  Please read our Guardian FAQ for a more in-depth look at the program.


  We don't breed many litters per year so we don't place many dogs into guardian homes, however we will still accept applications as our goal is to find the best fit for the next puppy we decide to hold back to potentially add to our program.


To be eligible for our Guardian Home program you must:


  • live between Victoria and Campbell River

  • want a female dog and be okay with the breeder choosing the dog for you

  • have no un-neutered male dogs in the home

  • take your puppy to basic obedience classes or train the dog yourself

  • be able to meet at least once per month for socialization with the breeder and breeder's dogs

  • not move out of the approved area until the contract is complete (up to 5 years from purchase)

  • not breed the dog on your own if the breeder decides to skip a heat

  • be able to give your dog back to the breeder for 2 weeks while in heat and 2 months when whelping and rearing pups


  In return for allowing your dog to return to the breeder to have pups for up to 2 litters, you will receive:


  • a much shorter time on the waiting list

  • the price of the puppy paid back in full after her first litter

  • 20% of the income from subsequent litters born from the dog

  • free grooming until her contract is complete

  • a stipend for each performance title earned with the dog

  • your dog spayed at the end of her contract at the breeder's expense and returned to you permanently


  The dog will be bred up to two times.  After those two litters, you will have a chance to end the contract and have her spayed or continue with the contract and continue to receive payments from her litters, to a maximum of five years of age.  Once she is released from her contract she will be spayed and is yours to keep with no restrictions!


  If you would be interested in becoming a guardian home for a male, you would receive the price of the puppy paid back in full after his first litter and would earn a payment each time he is used for stud service after the first litter. 

  There is a very in-depth contract which can be viewed upon request.  If you have any questions or think you would be a good fit for this program please contact us!

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