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We love it when our puppies go into dog sports or go on to do other great things!  Here are some achievements from our puppies.


Mista (Mostly Mischief's But I Want Some Strawberry Cake ATD NTD-M) has begun agility classes and is doing great!  He recently entered his first fun match.  He also has his Novice Trick Dog, Novice Masters Trick Dog, Intermediate Trick Dog, and Advanced Trick Dog titles!


Tazanna (TDCH Mostly Mischief's A Princess in the Making RATN ETD-M CCF2) has been excelling in trick titles, getting all the way to Champion at just over a year!  She has started agility classes at Extension Dog Sports and is doing very well!  She has also been taking barn hunt lessons and recently competed in her first barn hunt trial where she achieved her Novice title!.  She is excelling in nosework as well!



Pinot is loving agility class! We can't wait to see what he can do!

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