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Our Story


Being a second generation poodle breeder, I have grown up with poodles all my life and love their intelligence and versatility.  From competing in agility with our family poodle, Soda, and my first poodle of my own, Cleo, I have always had an interest in dog training and dog sports.

Mostly Mischief Miniature Poodles was founded in 2012 with our foundation male, a white miniature poodle named Dante.  Our first breeding females were Josephine (Donlar's Velvet Cupid), a black abstract toy poodle, and Gypsy (Bellissium Mysteria), a silver oversized toy poodle.  We learned a lot about breeding from our foundation dogs and gained a following of wonderful dog owners who took our puppies into their homes.

In 2018 we welcomed two sisters into our mischief, Petra and Mindy.  Both girls were incredibly sweet and playful and made us laugh with their antics.  Mindy ended up retiring early from breeding as we found she did not enjoy having puppies like her sister Petra did.

In 2020, we held back our first keeper female, a cream parti we named Carmela (Mostly Mischief's Blue Moon in Your Eye).  She won us over with her cleverness and eagerness to please.  She immediately excelled in agility training and was training at a masters level before she was old enough to compete!  She earned her Trick Dog Grand Champion title at a year old and continues to impress us with her ability to pick up on almost any sport she tries.

In 2021 we added a new male to our program, a brown miniature named Henry (Havaluv Isn't That Something)! While incredibly smart, Henry was also stubborn and driven in a completely different way than what we were used to!  He taught us to adapt our training style and new ways to help him learn.  Henry loves trying new sports and especially loves barn hunt and wall climb.  We love doing "big dog" sports with Henry!  He is living proof that poodles can do anything!

2022 brought a new female into our lives, a black brindlepoint phantom named Pippa (SunStar You Should See Me in a Crown).  She comes from a German moyen line and finished out to be an oversized mini.  She is very smart and driven and loves to learn new things.  She has begun her agility, barn hunt, nosework, and rally obedience training and will be starting to compete soon.

In early 2023 we welcomed Westley (Moonrise As You Wish), our new potential stud!  He will be bringing parti back into our lines and we look forward to training and competing with him as well.


The Future of Mostly Mischief Miniature Poodles

We want to continue training our dogs and competing in agility, scent work, barn hunt, and wall climb.  With a few of our dogs starting rally we are hoping to start trailing in that soon!

We are hoping to hold back a few more puppies that show great potential and will be looking for suitable guardian homes for them.


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