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Henry (Havaluv Isn't That Something) is available to a co-own, co-own with breeder option, or guardian home.  At this time we are only considering homes looking to do sports with Henry as he has quite a bit of training put on him that we don't want to go to waste.  If we don't find the perfect home for Henry we may consider a non-sport home in the future but at this time we are not in a rush to rehome him.  Please make sure you read the following information carefully, and if you think you are a good fit for Henry please contact us.

About Henry's Personality


Henry is 3 years old and in perfect health.  He is a very sweet dog and loves all people, most other dogs, and children.  He sometimes does not get along with other intact males in a same-household setting, which is why he is looking for a new home.  He does chase cats, but if a cat puts him in his place he will respect that.  It is not known how Henry would do with small animals but I expect that he would not do well as he does have a bit of a prey drive.  Henry would make an excellent therapy dog and has some task training (object retrieval).  He is crate trained (though does not love it), travels well in the car, walks great on a leash, and is well-behaved for grooming.

About Henry's Training

Henry is trained in scent detection, agility, barn hunt, trick training, and rally obedience.  We have also done some sprinter lure, wall climb, and weight pull with him.  He enjoys scent detection the most out of all, so we are hoping that his new home will continue that.  While he technically could be shown in conformation, because his hair has been cut down it would take a long time for him to grow back to the required clip and because his brown color has faded he would likely not do well in the show ring.  He has been shown before but has not earned any points.

About Henry's Titles & Q's

Canine Good Neighbor: Henry has his CGN title.

Scent Detection (SDDA): Henry has 3 Advanced titles and 1 extra Advanced Interior.

Scent Detection (CKC): Henry has his Scent Dectection Novice title.

Scent Detection (CWAGS): Henry has his Scent Ranger 1 title and 1/4 Q's for Scent Detective Level 2.

Agility (AAC): Henry has 2/2 Starter Jumpers, 2/2 Starter Gamblers, and 1/2 Starter Snooker so he just needs one more Starter Snooker run to get his Starter Games dog of Canada title.  He has no other agility Q's in AAC.

Agility (CKC): Henry has his Agility Novice title and 2/3 Novice Jumpers with Weaves Q's.

Barn Hunt: Henry has his Open title but he really struggled in the barn hunt trial environment so we dropped him back to Novice.  He has 1 Novice B Q towards his Novice X title.  He has 0 crazy 8's points.

Trick Dog (Do More With Your Dog): Henry has his Expert Trick Dog Masters title and could easily get his Champion.  He has all of their Fitness titles including Champion.  He also has their Register of Merit title (ROM) for producing offspring with titles.

Versatility Titles: Henry has his CKC Versatility Novice title.

Rally Obedience: Henry has not competed in rally yet but could easily earn his Rally Novice title.

About Henry's As a Breeder

Henry is fully health tested (CHIC# 189471) and an experienced stud dog and easy breeder.  His genetics are ata bb DD EE kyky SS.  He is genetically phantom but has no visible points.  He has thrown some phantom offspring with nice points but also some with minimal or muted points.  His brown puppies will likely fade after age 1.  Henry's hips are slightly below the breed average so he should only be bred to females with exceptional hips.  His most recent OFA eye exam was in April 2023.

We are hoping to have Henry remain intact as we are not sure if we will need him as a stud in the future which is why we are hoping for a co-own or guardian situation, however if another breeder wanted him we would be fine with that as long as we could retain stud services with him if desired.

The Bad

Henry has been unhappy in our home since we added another intact male.  He has gotten very bossy with him and will occasionally fight.  Henry's ideal home would be one where he is the only dog or at least the only male dog. 


Henry does have some resource guarding tendencies but only with other dogs, not with people.  And it usually is not his regular food or treats that he guards, just a chew bone or something really special. 


Henry does bark, as all poodles do, and would do better in a quieter neighborhood or in a home where he can't see people or dogs walking by the window.

Henry is crate trained at home and in the car, but at events or outside the home if he has to be contained he will cry and whine.  If he is stressed in his kennel he will chew it or if he can reach a blanket or anything through the bars he will pull it in and chew it.  His ideal home will be one where he does not have to be crated very much during the day.


Henry's cost will greatly depend on if he goes as a guardian, co-own, or with breeding rights.  Expect his cost to be between $2000 and $6000.

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