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Guardian Home Program


  Our Guardian Home program is a great way to get a quality dog for a fraction of the cost, while helping us expand our breeding program without having a lot of dogs in the household.  To be eligible for our Guardian Home program you must:

  •  live between Victoria and Campbell River
  • provide a reference letter from a vet and/or groomer as to your ability to care for a dog
  • want a female dog
  • have no un-neutered male dogs in the home
  • take your puppy to basic obedience classes or train the dog yourself
  • be able to meet at least once per month for socialization with the breeder and breeder's dogs
  • have a fenced yard
  • not move out of the approved area until the contract is complete (up to 5 years from purchase)
  • not breed the dog on your own if the breeder decides to skip a heat
  • be able to give your dog back to the breeder for 2 weeks while in heat and 2 months when whelping and rearing pups

  In return for allowing your dog to return to the breeder to have pups for up to 2 years, you will receive:

  • up to 75% off the full purchase price of the puppy (discount varies depending on location)
  • vaccinations and necessary veterinary exams paid for until the contract is complete
  • free grooming until her contract is complete
  • your dog spayed at the end of her contract at the breeder's expense and returned to you permanently

  In most cases the dog will be bred 2-4 times (spanning 2-3 years) and then retired when she is 4 or 5 years old.  Once she is released from her contract she is yours to keep with no restrictions!
  If you are not able to complete the contract (moving away, not wanting to return the dog to the breeder, etc.) you must pay the remainder of the purchase price in full or return the dog to the breeder.